Inky Hands offers workshops and courses for beginner and experienced printmakers.

All courses allow for you to explore the possibilities of the screen printing process.  All courses include studio materials (students must provide their own paper) and will provide you with the skills to return to the studio for rental sessions and print confidently on your own.

Intro Into Screen Printing

Day of your choice: 11am-4pm

Cost: $150


Inky Hands offers one-day screen printing workshops which cover all of the basics of screen printing.  Attendees will learn first hand how to properly coat, expose, print from and clean a screen.  Differences in inks, printing substrates, screen mesh and film work will all be discussed, and various multi-color registration techniques will be covered.

No experience is necessary for the one day workshop and they are open to anyone who wants to learn how to print!

Workshops are from 11am-4pm and cost $150 (non refundable)

*studio materials included, students must provide their own paper


Private Screen Printing Course

Mon – Fri: 11am-4pm

Cost: $700


Join Inky Hands' private course for intensive and rewarding processes of hand printing on paper.  Under the one-on-one technical guidance of Kat LiBretto, you'll learn how to break images down into separations, combine stencils and overlay imagery to produce multicolored designs.  Specialist inking techniques will also be covered, including "diamond dust", varnish and inks.  The aim is to encourage playful integration between the printmaker, the image and the process, so you can be certain of discovering new and exciting ways to express your ideas.  One-to-one tutorials will allow you to tailor your experience and produce an individual portfolio of work.  Please bring along visual images to reference on your first day so that you get started straight away.

Course Outcomes: You'll develop a small portfolio of work, demonstrating a broad mix of techniques in the process.  This could consist of a one-off print or an edition.  You may be practicing as an artist, designer or illustrator, about to start a longer course of study, or have just left college and want to print new work.

Course level: All levels and ages welcome


Beginner Screen Printing Course

4 Fridays: 6pm-9pm

Cost: $550


This hands-on course will introduce you to the equipment and techniques of screen printing onto paper using the water-based process.  Expert printer, Kat LiBretto, will guide you through workshops and demonstrations and give individual feedback so you can learn the fundamental techniques and develop confidence in printmaking.

You will be given a project to demonstrate your new skills in screen printing, then you will further develop your understanding of the process by printing your own two-color personal project based on your own creative goals.

Topics Covered:  Creating images for screen printing, coating and exposing your screen, setting up the press for printing, mixing Inks and printing multiple colors.

Course Outcomes:  At the end of the course you will be able to understand various stencil making techniques and their suitability for assorted effects and imagery, coat and expose a screen using photographic emulsion and a vacuum press and have confidence in printing and registering for multiple colors on a press.

Who Should Attend:  Artists, designers and illustrators looking to explore new image making skills.

Level: Beginner


Intermediate Screen Printing Course

4 Mondays: 6pm-9pm

Cost: $550


This course will encourage creative practice, experimentation and development of your screen printing vocabulary using direct methods of screen image making and print application.  You will learn to use the "screen as a sketchbook"

You will be introduced to a different approach to the conventional printing process and outcomes.  By the end of the course you will have developed a creative practice portfolio.

Topics Covered: Alternative screen printing processes, experimental screen image making, print application, and using the screen in the creative process.

Course Outcomes:  By the end of this course you should be able to develop creative practice and though, apply a different approach to screen printing, and demonstrate an enhanced knowledge of materials and techniques.

Who Should Attend: Those familiar with screen printing and are looking to develop their skills and work in an industry level facility.

Level: Intermediate (you should have completed Introduction to Screen Printing or equivalent)  If you are in any doubt regarding your abilities, please contact the studio for clarification.