Inky Hands is a specialist studio in water based screen printing for artists.  The studio provides a one to one service from creation to completion so that the client leaves the studio with the highest quality edition.  The customer will be happy that everything had been tried and tested to reach the finished artwork.

Interested in having Inky Hands print for you?

Everything done at Inky Hands is printed by hand, one color at a time.  Each project is custom priced, depending on your specific needs.

Please contact the studio for an estimate. (please note: Inky Hands does not print t-shirts, or any apparel)


Inky Hands prints with a wide range of water based inks, mixing everything from transparent shades to intense colors.

Special inks, such as fluorescents, phosphorescent, and pearlescent can be used.  A layer of varnish can be printed on top of a screen print, covering entire images or as a spot varnish.  Gold leaf and "diamond dust" can be applied.



The process begins with hand-made or photographic images.  The artwork may be drawn or painted onto transparent film.  It may also be hand cut from paper or masking film or it may be any type of digital image (a photography, a scan of a painting or drawing, or an image created on the computer).  These images are then transferred onto screens.

The maximum image size that can be printed at Inky Hands is currently 30 x 40 inches.


When working with digital files, your image size should be at least 300 dpi.

Inky Hands can assist with artwork retouching and readying your file for print.  Inky Hands is equipped with a 24 inch wide format HP T120 printer and can print film acetates for you.


Inky Hands can assist with choosing the correct paper for your edition.  The studio can also screen print onto other flat materials, such as canvas (unique print) and wood.  Editions range in size, from 15-100 and can be finished with hand torn edges and debossing.

Coming Soon:

Inky Hands will soon be able to mix both screen printing and digital mediums in an edition.  For example, digital prints can be embellished by adding screen printed layers and varnishes.  Using both techniques opens up a range of possibilities for your edition.  The studio uses a HP T120 24 inch wide format printer and will be able to make digital (Giclee) prints on fine art paper.  Inky Hands can source a wide range of fine art papers and ink that allow for archival qualities.  Once the artist approves a proof, Giclee prints can be produced in large runs or printed one by one on demand.