Daily rental is available if you are a visiting artist or have a project that requires a short intensive period of the studio.   You pay a daily rate that entitles you to access of the studio on a day of your choosing.  You are required to take an orientation of the studio and demonstrate sufficient experience in screen printing so you can work in the studio independently.  Booking of the studio and a deposit  must be made in advance.  Inky Hands welcomes experienced printmakers from all over the world to come and use the studio.

studio materials (screens, emulsion and inks) are not included in the price.  These materials are available to rent during your time in the studio


All Day: 10am-6pm $100

Half Day: 10am-2pm $50

Screen Hire:

(includes stencil stripper, degreaser, and cleaning products)

Small             (per week)   $8

Medium       (per week)    $12

Large             (per week)   $16

Extra-Large(per week)  $20


*if you damage a screen you will be responsible for repair costs


Photo Emulsion and Exposure:

Small             (per coat)    $4

Medium        (per coat)    $8

Large             (per coat)    $12

Extra-Large(per coat)    $16