Selected artworks from Katharine LiBretto's 2019 solo exhibition

Opening on June 3rd


Since the beginning, we have looked to the sky for guidance and direction, full of wonder

about God above. ‘Nocturne’ asks us to look into the heavens and question our purpose and

existence in the universe, and what may be waiting for us beyond our time on Earth.

Existential and spiritual, the images and titles provide a narrative about time and mortality, a

love story between humans, environment and reimagines the sublime and beauty found in

our natural world.

Katharine’s work is inspired by the natural world and a spiritual connection with it. She finds comfort and peace outdoors which she tries to translate into each piece. She explores the ideas of God, the universe and creation in every place she visits, admiring the beauty and vastness and questions our role in the universe. The sky is a main subject at times, taking up most of the composition, using surreal colors to offer an out of this world idea of the universe. Part of the work and her research is taking a leap of faith and venturing out into the wilderness by herself while she camps and hikes in remote places. Even though she’s alone in these places, she’s never felt alone, and has always felt guided on a path to explore these places for self discovery and a greater connection with herself and the world around.

These prints explore a deconstructed method of silk screen printing, which

is experimental and similar to how a painter works in a studio. The prints evolved through

the manipulation of the flat surface and each layer was created with a “print as she goes”

approach. Katharine aims to add illusion and texture and create areas of depth and

complexity with screen printing, while exploring the use of repetition in printmaking with

layers and editions. Her artwork is created with a combination of spray painted and drawn

layers which are exposed to create screen printing stencils. Mixing these tools creates a

cross-disciplinary approach to her screen printing practice, combining both fine arts and

graphic design, while continuing to work with surreal colors and layers of gestural tones.

Katharine LiBretto received her BFA degree in Graphic Design, at C.W. Post College/Long

Island University, and her MA degree, in printmaking, at Camberwell College of Art in

London. Her works have been exhibited in Europe, Hong Kong and the United States.

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